Kristin Tate is a writer whose latest book, How Do I Tax Thee?, was published by St. Martin’s Press in March 2018. She is also an analyst for, where her work focuses on how small businesses are impacted by federal regulation and taxation.

Kristin writes an influential weekly column for The Hill Newspaper, which is featured regularly on Real Clear Politics and The Drudge Report. She also provides routine political and economic commentary on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. She was named one of the 30 most influential right-of-center leaders under the age of 30 by Red Alert Politics in 2016 and Newsmax Magazine in 2017.

Kristin’s debut book, Government Gone Wild: How D.C. Politicians Are Taking You for a Ride — and What You Can Do About It, was published by Hachette Book Group in 2016. Previously, Kristin was a reporter for Breitbart News in Texas where she broke critical stories on immigration and the border. She is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston.

Kristin can be contacted with media inquiries, comments, and questions at Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @KristinBTate.