Ron Paul in Fox GOP Debate

Ron Paul GOP DebateRon Paul did a stellar job in the Fox News GOP debate last night. He spoke clearly and boldly, and I believe this debate may help him gain the support that he needs in the upcoming election.

One question that really stood out to me was when Paul was asked about his foreign policy. The Fox News moderator asked Paul what he would do if he, as president, received confirmation that Iran had nuclear weapons. Ron Paul responded, saying that we should not get involved in another war, even if there were strong evidence of Iran having a nuclear weapon.

Moderator: So let me get this straight. GOP nominee Ron Paul would be running left of president Obama on this issue.

Paul: But I would be running with the American people because it’s a much better policy. There’s no evidence of [Iran having a nuclear weapon]. What I really fear is war propoganda going on. My biggest fear is that we’ll get a president that will overreact, that will bomb Iran… We don’t need another war.

Of course when the other candidates were asked the same question, they responded with the typical Republican foreign policy responses. Michele Bachmann responded to Paul’s answer directly, saying, “With all due respect to Ron Paul, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more dangerous answer to American security than what we just heard.” Maybe she’s right but I think Paul has some valid points; we should absolutely avoid entering yet another war. Overall, I really thought that Paul stood out from the crowd last night. The question is now if he did well enough to get the extra support he needs to win in Iowa. What do you think? How did Paul do in the debate, and does he have your support?