Ron Paul can still win the GOP nomination

It’s no secret that Mitt Romney will win the NH primary. For years, Romney was the governor next door to New Hampshire, and many prominent NH politicians such as Judd Gregg have supported him. No candidate has ever won the GOP nomination without winning either the Iowa caucus or the New Hampshire primary, so is it possible for someone other than Mitt Romney to win the nomination? Yes. And that person is Ron Paul

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH
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Romney is a flip-flopping, big-government establishment politician. The reason that he has so much support from the GOP is that many voters believe he has the best chance at beating Obama. But Ron Paul supporters are rabid and will not give up until the candidate receives the attention he deserves. Paul has been consistently second behind Romney in NH primary polls. Results will be known by tonight, and if Paul does indeed come in at second he could become the anti-Romney. Unlike Romney, Paul has been consistent in his views and seems sincere about cutting spending. His supporters realize that we need major reform, and he is the only candidate who has outlined a specific, plausible action plan to cut spending. Many have called his trillion dollar cut “crazy” but those who support the plan want something drastic done to fix the current state of our economy.

Right now Romney is leading nationwide with only 30%, so after NH Paul will need at least 30% of the voters to coalesce around him to make him the anti-Romney. The problem will be Paul’s foreign policy views. Many Republican voters, namely evangelicals, have a big problem with these views. This could cause some voters to opt for other candidates such as Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, thus scattering the anti-Romney votes among several candidates rather than just one.

Paul certainly has a chance at the GOP nomination, but it’s going to be a tough battle. I hope that voters will realize that in order to beat Romney they will have to come together and support one candidate. And the strongest, most consistent candidate to coalesce around is Paul. He has been consistently been in second and continues to gain support. Who will you be voting for?

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