How Republicans Can Capture the Millennial Vote

The Republican party has a problem when it comes to millennials. What’s the use in ignoring it?

In 2012, young voters overwhelmingly turned out for Democrats. But there was also another dynamic at work: During that election cycle, most millennials wanted to avoid being labeled as a Republican. To align oneself with the “R word” was, in their minds, to support a party that was out of touch with the young, cosmopolitan and intellectually curious population.

But that’s the past. What about the future?

Millennials could make up more than 36 percent of the voting pool in 2016. So while bringing this critical demographic to the right side of the ballot box won’t be easy, it’s never been more important.

Where should the GOP start?

By intelligently rebranding its message. The key to success doesn’t lie in changing the message, but in packaging and selling it more effectively. Put simply, conservatives have to show millennials why conservatism can work for them. Here’s how…

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