Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama — the Likability Index

The bad news for Republicans is that Millennials don’t like them. The good news for Republicans is that Millennials don’t like the inevitable Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, either.

This could be key in the GOP taking back the White House in 2016.

If Millennials turn out to vote in 2016, they could be the nation’s largest voting bloc and a force to be reckoned with. The keyword there, however, is “if.”

In 2008 Barack Obama got Millennials excited about voting. More young people made their way to the polls in 2008 than in any other election year since 1972, choosing Obama over John McCain by a greater than 2:1 margin.

Past behavior is often a reliable predictor of future performance, but this election will be different. Only 26 percent of Millennial Democrats currently support Hillary, who is struggling to fill college-based venues during campaign stops. She’s no Obama.

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