My Beef With Obama

There’s no doubt about it: Obama is a good speaker. But the guy should get a job selling Shamwows on TV instead of leading the United States. Four years ago Obama razzle dazzled us all with talking points about “hope and change”, but all that’s really changed since his inauguration is the growing debt, high employment, and welfare. Now that Obama doesn’t have a good record to run on, all he can do is hope his speeches will pull him through again this time around. It amazes me that some people are still niave enough to buy into his rhetoric given his abysmal record as president.

I am not a Republican or Democrat- I am a libertarian and want the government to stay out of my life as much as possible. I don’t want the government having a say in how I spend my money, which activities I participate in, or how I live my life. I have been a longtime supporter of Ron Paul and was devastated when he didn’t get the GOP nomination. The next presidential election is right around the corner now and unfortunately I am not too excited about either candidate. But if there’s one thing I’m sure about it’s that anyone would be better than Obama. Here are a few reasons why he’s gotta go.

1. ObamaCare is simply a bad policy. All it does is is force everyone to become a client of insurance companies, even if they don’t want or need to be. It also lowers pay to providers, which causes many to want to leave practice. The massive amount of red tape and regulations involved with the policy will also tear apart the doctor-patient relationship. Instead of focusing on the specific needs of their patients, doctors will have to concentrate increasingly on government rules. Would you want a bureaucrat in Washington to make critical decisions about your healthcare? Or to force you to pay for others’ healthcare? I sure wouldn’t.

2. Obama encourages a culture of dependance. About 45 million Americans are now on food stamps- more than at any time under Bush. The food stamp program doled out a whopping $71.81 billion in 2011. Additionally, more than HALF of Americans do not pay income taxes! The other half of Americans have to foot the entire bill. Furthermore, more than 40% of Americans depend on some government program. Government dependence is a dangerous thing. The federal government has become Santa, handing out more goodies to Americans than its capacity to do so. Don’t get me wrong, we need a safety net in America, but these handouts have gotten out of control. And Obama just keeps buying votes with more handouts.

3. Obama’s administration has recklessly added debt. Right now America is about 16 trillion dollars in debt and growing. That’s scary stuff and it’s incredibly reckless. Obama has spent billions with his “stimulus spending” and this year’s budget deficit will top $1 trillion for the fourth year in a row.

4. The current unemployment rate is above 8 percent and that doesn’t even count Americans who settle for part time and temporary work that doesn’t pay enough to cover their bills. College students are having trouble finding good jobs, and many of them are forced to move back in with mom and dad. Obama’s regulations and high taxes make it harder from startups and new businesses to expand and hire new employees. Clearly Obama doesn’t understand how bad this situation is. His declaration that “the private sector is doing fine” sums it up.

We simply cannot afford four more years of Obama. He is moving America in a socialist direction, and stripping us of our freedom along the way. What are your thoughts? Will you be voting for Barak Obama in November?

7 thoughts on “My Beef With Obama

  1. keimh3regpeh2umeg says:

    I disagree entirely. I have two posts that make my case. “Its All A Game Anyways” comes from the pragmatic side. And “The Difference Between Obama and Romney; My Take On Paul Ryan” comes from the moral side. I state my opinion rather strongly at times, but I hope you are not offended. I am also devastated about Ron Paul’s loss, though I guess we all saw it coming. My blood still hasn’t cooled off from that one.

  2. william wallace says:

    BARACK more suited as a used car salesman (cars that not roadworthy)
    in other words he can spin out a good yarn where reality he’s a fraudster.

    BARACK’s healthcare funding only exists in the “Twilight Zone” a ruse in
    getting another term in office, to win BARACK needs win the female vote
    thus “Healthcare Bill” but full of empty promises which directed at female.

    BARACK broke every promise he made /rather than protect the rights of
    the people he removed the few rights they had remaining, even the most
    precious right that to a just trial / such being removed by the stroke of an
    pen while nation slept, mainstream media owned by the wealthy but silent
    as prevention of terrorism again used as cover to remove people’s right’s.

    BARACK’s wealthy backers so in awe at his ability to deceive / in treating
    people as mere sheep to fleece, that they awarded him a “NOBLE PRIZE”.

  3. Lee Weishar says:

    hopefully people will vote for what they believe in, and not settle on something they don’t. it’s they only way they can bring about change. the reason things don’t change is because the parties keep getting votes even when the people giving them their votes don’t agree with them.

    sure, we may not like what Obama will do, but if we don’t like what Romney will do they he should not get our vote either, even if it means beating Obama. If we don’t like what the republican party has to offer, and we still vote for them, why would they change?

    hopefully all those Ron Paul supporters will vote for Gary Johnson instead. it is the only way to send the right message. personally I don’t see much of a difference between Obama and Romney anyway (goes for their party in general). They speak from different view points when running, but whichever side wins always ends up doing the same thing once in office.

    even now they on the same side on many points: in favor of the patriot act, the NDAA, government growth and debt (the republicans say otherwise, but the budgets they put forth say otherwise), the wars, the federal reserve (the ‘gold standard’ commission is to placate Ron Paul supporters only, it will be the same farce it was when Reagan put on together in the 80s – staffed by government puppets since the gold standard will ruin the governments ability to grow and steal from low income Americans through the process of devaluing the dollar through inflation)

    Here is my thoughts on how to vote – and if you even should vote:

  4. Steve T. says:

    It is so sad that most Americans don’t follow or understand these issues at all. They are far more interested in watching American Idol and Jersey Shore. When the economic collapse comes, they will be looking around, asking how this all happened. It’s going to get very ugly.

  5. Bob Lombardo says:

    We get what we deserve. Obama has now been re-elected, taxes are going up, and spending is sky rocketing.

  6. John M. Ricci, Esq. says:

    I agree Steve… an alarming number of Americans don’t understand or follow these issues. And that television programming as a replacement can’t help anyone! I think blogs like this one (willing to show one’s position through excellent writing), are important because they raise issues that are important to all of us.

    Great work Kristin!

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