Champions for Freedom in 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, it is easy to be pessimistic- we are $16 trillion in debt, over 50% of Americans get checks from the fed, and welfare is the largest government expense.

But fear not- there is some good news! There are people out there fighting tirelessly to preserve our liberty. These people were champions for freedom in 2012.

Gary Johnson

tumblr_mctn3fVa7i1qb1egco1_1280We all knew Gary had no shot at the presidency, but he speaks my language when it comes to every issue. Over one million Americans agree with me and voted for Johnson last November, giving him more votes than any Libertarian presidential candidate in history. He had the kahunas to advocate drug legalization, substantial spending cuts, and ceasing all military activities abroad. Gary’s strong opinions got him lots of haters, but he is far more honest and consistent than those other two buffoons on the ballot. I only trust a politician awesome enough to go crowd surfing. You’re a cool guy, Gary.

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi-Angry-550x352Just kidding! Scared ya, didn’t I? Here’s my point with this one: Pelosi is so awful that she has actually galvanized small-government folks. She is the whipping girl for Libertarians and Conservatives alike. (For all you politically correct idiots out there, yes, that was a sexist joke!) Pelosi’s entire political career has revolved around expanding government: she moved Obama’s stimulus bill through the House, shoved ObamaCare down our throats, and secured passage of an enormous, expensive energy and climate bill. With no regard for the national debt or personal freedom, Pelosi has managed to spend billions and expand the nanny state. Pelosi earned a spot on this list because her reign of terror continues to bring together champions of freedom.

Penn Jillette

penn-jilletteThis obese magician is also a staunch Libertarian- who woulda thunk it! Consistent with every Libertarian view, Jillette has said, “My whole take on Libertarianism is simply that I don’t know what’s best for other people”. Finally, someone gets it! After the Newton shootings, he went on The Wendy Williams Show to defend the Second Amendment. You have to check out the video– it was like watching Albert Einstein debate Quantum Theory with the Kardashian sisters.

Richard Lee

richard-leeIf you’re a college kid, you’ve probably smoked weed before. Maybe you’re high right now! But what if your entire curriculum revolved around pot? Richard Lee started a school in California, Oaksterdam University, which offers training for the marijuana industry. Its mission is to “legitimize the business and work to change the law to make cannabis legal”. Lee understands that the drug wars are a waste of government resources and time. Last April, the university’s assets were seized after it was raided by the DEA, IRS, and US Marshals Service. But Lee, God bless him, reopened the school immediately after the raid. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, DEA!

Thomas Massie

Thomas_MassieWho? Thomas Massie is a rising star in Congress! He is a new Kentucky Congressman with an impressive Libertarian record as the executive judge in Lewis County. He wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve, lower taxes, and repeal the PATRIOT Act. Sounds dangerous- and by dangerous, I mean wonderful! I wish him luck getting stuff done with the mess of witless hucksters in Congress. All the same, Massie does give some hope for a bright future in Washington.

Julian Assange

julianassangeOne word: WikiLeaks. Its’ Australian creator, Julian Assange, made the online space for submission of secret information, news leaks, and media from whistleblowers. Those who fear exposure by leaking information directly to the press can leak to WikiLeaks instead, which then leaks to the press for them. Assange has been in deep legal trouble and faced harsh criticism for releasing important documents and information, such as American diplomatic cables. People like Republican Mike Huckabee have called for Assange’s assassination. Yikes! While some may hate the guy, I say he’s a champion for the freedom of the press! This year he announced plans to run for Senate in Australia.

John Stossel

stossel448Stossel has been fighting against big-government, overregulation, and excessive spending for decades. Most people probably recognize him from ABC’s 20/20, and now he has his own show on FOX. Stossel always voices his beliefs, even when it makes people angry-  he wants to legalize prostitution, insider trading, and pornography. Executives at ABC have said, “his reporting goes against the grain of the established media… [this] makes him a target of the groups he offends.” I’m thankful for Stossel because he continuously fights for freedom and exposes mainstream, liberal media.

Ron Paul

Ron PaulAs if this maverick grampy needs any explanation! Paul started an epic Libertarian movement during his 2012 presidential bid. My personal favorite Paul quote: “We need to understand the more government spends, the more freedom is lost…Instead of simply debating spending levels, we ought to be debating whether the departments, agencies, and programs funded by the budget should exist at all.” I’m sad that he retired from politics this year, but now it’s up to us Paul Bots to expose ignorance one thread at a time.

Let the revolution begin.



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Kristin Tate is a political and economic journalist for Red Alert Politics, The College Conservative, Turning Point USA, and The Berkeley Beacon. Follow her on Twitter @KristinBTate.

23 thoughts on “Champions for Freedom in 2012

  1. Buster Brown says:

    Fabulous piece!!! I had not heard of Thomas Massie until now. I will be watching this rising star!!!

  2. Steve T. says:

    I have been watching John Stossel on Fox Business news. He is fantastic, and every voting American should be required to watch his show each week.

  3. John Finch says:

    I’ve seen Penn Jillette debate the liberal media. It’s wonderful to watch him rip the liberal idiots a new AH.

  4. Peter In Mass says:

    Julian Assange? Really? When our security is threatened, no one has more freedom. He’s a danger to all of us, and I agree with Huckabee that he ought to be executed!

    1. Ate says:

      Assange is a strange choice, but I do get it. The politicians are upset that he reveals secrets about what we are doing in Libya, Egypt, Afganistan, etc… But, that begs the question… Why are we in all of these countries in the first place???

  5. Sarah W. says:

    Ron Paul is the ultimate freedom lover. He was this country’s last great hope, in my humble opinion…

    1. Bob Lombardo says:

      Agreed. Today was Ron Paul’s last day in Congress. What a damn pity. Farewell, dear freedom fighter! May your son pick up where you left off!

  6. LiberalSlayer says:

    Assange is an ass. He doesn’t deserve to be in the same group as such American heros as Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

  7. Jane E. Hendrix says:

    I love Huckabee, however I agree with Peter in Massachusetts, Julian Assange endangered many, many Americans who serve this country. If you have children that have been overseas defending our country, you ARE more intune to this threat. Freedom is not just “there” it is a complicated pie consisting of many pieces of an equation to keep America safe. Simplicity isn’t possible in a global world.

    1. Bob Lombardo says:

      Well said, Jane. My son is in Afganistan and I worry about him enough as it is. I don’t need some 98 pound coward further endangering his life in the name of “freedom”.

  8. Jane E. Hendrix says:

    I adore John Stossel! I have been “enlightened” on many issues that he has profiled on various shows he has done for years!

    He is someone who seems to have a huge amount of integrity and could actually hold a conversation with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, ect , question them and they would let their guard down (because of his approach) and world would see how idiotic they are.

    Unfortunately, it would probably be on Fox News and not ABC, NBC and WE would be the only ones to see it AND we already are aware of their ……….ummmm issues. Maybe they should advertise on ABC, NBC ect that he has a show on Fox Network. People of all political persuasions seem to like him!

    Thomas Massie, is someone new to me thanks to you! Hopefully, he can recruit some young blood from the undecided and democratic side, as I hope you do too!

    Penn Jillette….nice to see him recognized, good job!

    Richard Lee….hmmm….economically I 100% agree with this (and I have NEVER indulged-even in college…), however, I have witnessed this drug as a gateway drug for many people turning their life and everyone else’s around them into hell. You are probably right economically, and strategically with the drug wars. I do think of Richard Lee as a great role model for an entrepreneur. I have known about him for a long time as my son, followed him closely after we saw him on a show with his college and his “unlikely” students featured on a t.v. show.

    Gary Johnson and Ron Paul are great choices. It is harder in life to go against the majority and they certainly experience that on a daily basis. They are great role models, not only politically, more importantly, morally!!!!!! They aren’t afraid to disagree with others and stand on their own or in the minority. KUDOS or should I say good for their big kahunas!!!!

    1. Steve T. says:

      I actually agree with everything Jane says. Assange is no hero in my book, but perhaps WikiLeaks is the ultimate in so-called “openness” and “freedom”. And I also am uncomfortable with Richard Lee, as I too, think pot is a gateway drug… And more importantly, it destroys ambition.

  9. Noah Kerby says:

    To those who are pissed off about Assange because he “threatened our security,” I would recommend listening to Ben Franklin:
    “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

    To those who think cannabis needs to be illegal because it is a gateway drug, if you want to embrace freedom, you need to also embrace personal responsibility. You cannot pick and choose which freedoms should remain free, or they will all get taken from us one by one. Legislation cannot ever protect us from ourselves, and we can clearly see that the current laws are ineffective. Also, the reason so many hard drug addicts began with cannabis is simply because it is readily available and inexpensive. They would do hard drugs regardless of where they started.

    Lastly, I am disappointed that I do not see Ben Swann on this list. He is in the truest sense a reporter. I do not know of anyone else who is a member of the mainstream media (or in this case, an affiliate) who has the balls to tell it like it is. The fact that he put his career on the line by reporting the truth, and was actually embraced for it by his boss due to the increase in views and instant online infamy, should have earned him a spot on this list.

      1. Texas Roy says:

        Interesting, Noah. I am looking forward to learning more about Ben Swann. Thanks. Also, you are right on regarding Ben Franklin. Our country is morphing into a bunch of blithering idiots who not only don’t deserve freedom and security, but lack the intelligence to understand what freedom and security truly is (NOT a nice government handout!) It is so frustrating to watch what is happening to our country before our eyes. And so few of us understand it or even care!

    1. Bob Lombardo says:

      Where are the Ben Franklins and Thomas Jeffersons of today’s society? We need intelligent heroes. And for the love of God, we need more intelligent voters!!!

  10. Texas Roy says:

    I would love to suggest that these “Freedon Heros” could make a difference. But with 50 percent of Americans collecting a government check, and 30 percent of Americans collecting welfare, I think the chances of these people making any real difference in the future of our country is slim. Sadly, we have to fall into a major depression where we all experience awful pain before any true reforms take place. Our country is a collection of voting idiots who are waiting for their next handout. Until the whole system collapses, this is what we will continue to have for the foreseeable future. Be prepared for some really dark days ahead, America.

  11. Bob Lombardo says:

    Thanks for another great article, LibertarianChick. Pelosi is a vile human being, and yes, she has, to some extent, helped the Libertarian cause.

  12. Tony P. says:

    I would love to see Gary Johnson run as a Republican next time. The Republican Party must evolve into a more Libertarian party, or we will get irresponsible, spendthrift Democrats winning elections for decades.

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