My Open Letter to the GOP


Dear George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney,

The red "GOP" logo used by the party...

You represent what the Grand Old Party has become.

The Reagan days are long gone, and big-government, big-military bureaucrats like you have changed the nation’s perception of the GOP. I used to call myself a Republican because I thought your party believed in limited government and personal responsibility. But now I have lost faith in the Republican Party.

Even with Barack Obama’s abysmal record, he was reelected. I predict four more years of out-of-control spending, expanding regulation, and big government. Yippee!

We’re 16 trillion dollars in debt, the unemployment rate is higher than when Obama took office in ’08, and nearly half of Americans receive checks from the fed. C’mon, this should have been an easy win for the Republicans- but Mitt Romney simply did not present an attractive enough alternative.

It is clear that America is changing rapidly- the country is more racially diverse by the day, the population is increasingly liberal on social issues, and many young people have become politically aware. If you wish to win over the electorate once again, you must become the “small government” party that you once were. This is the only appealing, viable alternative to the Democrats.

Here are three reasons why I, like so many other Americans, have lost faith in your party.

1. The GOP has outdated social beliefs. You say you are “small government” yet you’re in favor of bureaucrats sticking their noses into our personal lives. Ease up on the gay marriage issue. According to a new Gallup poll, about 50 percent of Americans support gay marriage- and that number is only growing. Who cares if gay people marry? They’re not harming anyone.

And then there’s abortion. I understand that you think abortion is wrong, but this view is alienating women voters across the country. Besides, why should a politician in Washington push his own moral beliefs onto others? I’m not saying that the government should fund abortions (it shouldn’t), but it also shouldn’t have the power to abolish them.

2. What about military spending? Again, another example of the GOP failing to be the party of limited government. Mitt Romney said he wants to build even more naval vessels, increase the size of U.S. ground forces, and increase the Pentagon’s already staggering budget by an extra $2 trillion. Doesn’t sound like small government to me.

3. The party comes off as exclusory. Why does the Republican Party seem to be composed of strictly rich, old white men? America is home to an increasingly diverse population, and the Republicans need more minority representatives spreading their message. The party must be perceived as inclusive if it wants to attract a greater percentage of these diverse voters.

I’m rooting for the Republicans, I really am. But unless you make some changes to your party platform, you won’t be seeing the Oval Office again anytime soon. The GOP’s reputation is simply too tarnished.


Kristin Tate, “The Libertarian Chick”


Twitter: @KristinBTate

19 thoughts on “My Open Letter to the GOP

  1. Mary-Claire Pacopolis says:

    Fantastic. This represents my feelings about the Republican Party as well. They had a great chance to win big, and they blew it.

    1. Bob Lombardo says:

      Exactly, I’d rather waste a billion on a fleet of bombers that we don’t need than on millions of lazy welfare recipients. But they’re both wasteful, which is why we need a third party!!!

  2. LibertarianOrBust says:

    Too bad Ron Paul didn’t get more traction. His ideas were amazingly fresh and original. Perhaps he was just too ahead of his time.

  3. Wisconsin Mary says:

    When are the politicians going to wake up and realize that we want a fiscal conservative and a social moderate in the White House???

  4. Sloppy Joe says:

    Spending went up big-time under Reagan. But he fought it hard. His efforts to cut spending were hampered by a very Liberal House and Senate, under Tip O’Niel. But he set the groundwork for reducing spending by shining a light on the problem. Today, the Obama administration has successfully got so many Americans dependent on government, that turning back will be extraordinarily difficult. We will likely need to fall into an economic crisis to initiate true change.

  5. Chris says:

    If Romney were elected, gay marriage would still be a state issue in 4-8 yrs. Some states yes, some states no. And abortion would still be legal in 4-8 years. The boogey man the dems try to create by “if you elect repubs, they will take away your “reproductive rights” has been going on for over 40 yrs and the right to abortion remains intact even after lots and lots of repubs have been in office on every level. But it works in getting dem votes on an ignorant population. As for gay marriage…the GOP had a sentence or two in their platform. No concrete proposal for or against. And repub grassroots are not monolithic in their opposition to gay marriage. CA rescinded gay marriage by a huge majority. MA refused to put it on the ballot in fear of loss. It was NH with a huge repub majority at the time that was the first state to fight back an attempt to repeal gay marriage. But libertarian chick is right. These issues do get the young vote. Why? Because of ignorance. Every 18-25 yr can tell you their belief on gay marriage and abortion. Ask them to define GDP or explain the “I” factor of C,G,I in economics, and 9 out of 10 I bet you’ll run into a huge wall of ignorance and stupidity. Sadly, they voted on those silly wedge issues that mean nothing. If the future of the country lies with who is for abortion and who is for gay marriage as the younger crowd follows these dem wedge issues like lemmings, then let’s just fold up the tent now and declare the great American attempt at self-governing over and done. It was nice while it lasted, but a free soceity can only rest on an intelligent and informed electorate…sadly what the 18-35 yr old crowd seems not to be.

  6. ALEX says:

    Speaking as a Democrat (if I may), if the Republican party took this advice it would be bad news for the Democrats and good news for the country. I hope these ideas get picked up…

    1. Texas Roy says:

      ALEX is right. A fiscally conservative, socially moderate party would dominate for decades… That is, until they become entrenched in the same old BS that the current two parties are wallowing in. And the first thing we need to do is demand TERM LIMITS for all these Washington idiots. And also demand that they get the same crap they give us (social security, ObamaCare, etc…)

  7. keimh3regpeh2umeg says:

    Let the party die the death it deserves. It was born of evil, so let that evil consume it in its death. Whether the GOP (or rather Bush, McCain, and Romney) is/was the lesser of two evils from a conservative, let a lone a libertarian, perspective, is debatable. Good riddance to the RPUSA. Corrupt, immoral, and bloodthirsty to the last.

    1. Libertarian Dude says:

      Keimh, you can’t just let the party “die” without something else to replace it. If all you have left is the Democratic Party, you will have complete control, and with that comes a Dictatorship. The Republican Party needs to evolve, not die.

  8. Lisa says:

    Very eloquently stated… a nice refreshing common sense approach, I enjoyed reading every word, and wholeheartedly agree.

  9. Pam Lagrotteria Sturgeon says:

    This piece of amazing insight gives me hope that your generation may be able to fix all that the present one couldn’t. Thank you for helping to make the light at the end of this political tunnel, to look just that much brighter.

  10. Pro Life Libertarians says:

    “And then there’s abortion. I understand that you think abortion is wrong, but this view is alienating women voters across the country. Besides, why should a politician in Washington push his own moral beliefs onto others? I’m not saying that the government should fund abortions (it shouldn’t), but it also shouldn’t have the power to abolish them.”

    Pro Life Libertarians are not trying to abolish abortion because we think it to be ugly. Pro Life Libertarians are not trying to push our morals upon others. We believe that the only proper role of government is to protect our freedoms, and the right to life is one of those freedoms. The government should have the power to abolish any act that takes away the right to life.

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