Voter ID Opponents Are the Real Racists

Texas’ voter ID law was struck down by Federal Judge Nelva Gonzales-Ramos, an Obama appointee, in the name of race. The judge’s ruling appears to suggest that black and Hispanic Americans simply don’t have the capability that whites have to apply for a government identification card, even when it’s free.

Texas Governor Rick Perry signed the law in 2011, requiring citizens to show one of six types of ID cards in order to vote. President Obama’s Justice Department (DOJ) has continued to insist that the law is unfair to minorities.

On Thursday Judge Gonzales-Ramos sided with the DOJ, ruling that the law has “an impermissible discriminatory effect against Hispanics and African-Americans, and was imposed with an unconstitutional discriminatory purpose.”

That view speaks volumes about how our federal government sees black and Hispanic communities, that is, as being less able than others  to get themselves to a government office once every 12-odd years. On a daily basis, Americans have to balance their duties with considerations of time, cost and the burdens of local travel. Economic and social challenges are shared across races and ethnic backgrounds. Yet blacks and Hispanics, in the view of the government, can’t handle those common challenges as well everyone else.

Faced with the ability to hold all citizens accountable to the same low standards, the federal government does not merely seek to exempt people from those standards. It goes further by preaching the idea that minorities are incapable of meeting those standards.

The DOJ and various civil rights groups continue to insist that the cost of obtaining an ID makes it harder for minorities to vote, but the Texas ID card is free. Judge Gonzales-Ramos also wrote that some rural areas are far from DPS centers. But a large majority of black Texans live in urban areas, where DPS centers abound; in the Houston metropolitan alone, for example, there are more than 20 locations.  The exploding Hispanic population also continues to make up a significant portion of Texas cities’ populations.

Could the paternalism get any worse? Maybe a bit. Judge Gonzeles-Ramos added that her decision was influenced by a  concern to avoid “making people figure out the requirements on their own.” Meanwhile,  we live in a world where conservative policies are called racist, but democratically appointed judges, like Gonzales-Ramos, are considered heroes of progress.

By telling young minorities that they will always be victims of American society and that liberals are here to protect them, Democrat politicians nurture support among these voters.  This has worked well for the Democratic party, who now proudly get about 90 percent of the black vote and over half of the Hispanic vote. Liberal policies have failed minority communities in epic proportions to minorities — witness Detroit where welfare programs have created generations of unskilled, uneducated families dependent on government largess. Without a history of policy success,  Democrats have learned that using the race card in highly publicized legal battles — like the phoney voter ID issue —  secures the support of these voters.

Sadly, this form of race-baiting promotes distrust among communities, and also instills convictions that society will always be unfair to them, and they don’t have a chance to succeed without government help. Policies crafted specifically to aid minorities were needed in the ‘60s and ‘70s, but now adversely affect many otherwise very capable minorities.

Race should not be a factor in the issue of ID’s at the polls. If politicians stopped categorizing and labeling groups based on skin color alone, Texas, and indeed the U.S., would be one step closer to being a race-blind society where we are not judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.

Huh, sounds familiar.

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5 thoughts on “Voter ID Opponents Are the Real Racists

  1. alvinw96 says:

    every one in America should be able to vote and it does not matter if they have an ID or not. 99% of homeless people are American citizens and they have a right to vote. 99% of the poorest people in America are citizens and they have the right to vote /\. many of these people have no way or even the money to get a drivers lic. or be able to get to an ID gov. station (DMV) but voting stations are every where by law and the law says all AMERICANS CAN VOTE SO WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GO AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION TO STOP VOTERS FROMN VOTING ? ARE YOU A PART OF THE GLOBALIST AGENDA TO RULE THE WORLD? YOU SURE DO SPEAK LIKE IT , NEVER MISS A WORD OR PUNCTUATION MY GUESS IS THAT YOU DO NOT EVEN WRITE THIS SHIT OR EVEN THAT THAT IS WHAT YOU REALLY LOOK LIKE ? ARE YOU SOME OLD GUY JUST SITTING AT A COMPUTER READING A SCRIPT OR ????

    1. Kyew says:

      You’re a bit nutty, aren’t you? You harangue this woman for having superb vocabulary and literary skills, and go off on your own little rant about things you know nothing about. Anyone who is so poor that they need assistance from the government is also poor enough to be given public transportation vouchers. Which completely blows your inept argument straight to hell.

  2. alvinw96 says:


  3. lenny marks says:

    I don`t get to read all your post but your an amazing woman.Forgive me when I say you are one beautiful woman also.I would love to find a woman like you that is intelligent, smartand beautiful like you are.So hard to find.I apologize I don`t mean to offend you or sound ridiculous but you are like fresh air.I wish other young people thought like you.The other day I read a list of everything you need ID for and it was a very long list.Wellthe one thing on the opposite side of what you don`t need ID for wasvoting and nothing else.I feel the same about your thoughts about if everyone would vote the way they should we would not be in such bad shape today. I do not write a good letter I`m sorry butthat was my weak point in school. LOL Lenny Marks PS keep up the great work I appreciate it.

    Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 16:22:49 +0000 To:

  4. Thomas L. Knapp says:

    Hmm … I’m one of them there privileged, white, heterosexual cis-gender males, and I’ve been without government photo ID for nigh on a decade now and just starting to get it sorted out.

    I lost my wallet. It had my driver’s license and Social Security card in it. My birth certificate had disappeared at some unknown time and place in the past (probably along with a bunch of other stuff that went gone in a nasty divorce).

    When I wanted to get a new copy of my driver’s license, I found out that I had to show them my birth certificate and Social Security card.

    When I wanted to get a new copy of my Social Security card, I found out that I had to show them my birth certificate and driver’s license.

    And when I wanted to get a copy of my birth certificate, I found out that I had to send copies of, you guessed it, my driver’s license and Social Security card.

    So I said screw it, for a long time. They finally loosened up a bit — I can now get my birth certificate by sending in some other stuff (including my DD-214 and HEY, voter ID card that I got by mail without showing a damn thing except writing in the last four of my SSN), and apparently I can get a state-issued ID with that birth certificate, voter ID card and a copy of my lease and perhaps notarized statements from the last 300 people I met or something, and once I have that state ID I can get my Social Security card.

    Of course, between losing my wallet circa 2004 and starting in on this, I voted in 2006, 2008 and 2010 with no problem at my old precinct. I could have voted in 2012, too, but chose not to. And I just voted absentee for 2014 in my new state.

    But of course I am one of them there privileged, white, heterosexual cis-gender males, so the Repugnicans think they WANT me to vote.

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