15 Things Politicians Must Stop Saying In 2014


We should all be wary of almost everything career politicians tell us. But when certain words come out of our elected officials’ mouths, I really want to dry heave. Here are 15 overused bureaucratic terms and their politically-mutated definitions.


A term used by free-spending liberals who want to give your hard-earned money to their constituents.


A volatile, mud-slinging term that means absolutely nothing and is used to whip up the emotions of the ignorant electorate.

“Mean Spirited”

A generic term used by the left to define anybody to the right of them.


A generic term used by the right to define anybody to the left of them.

“Carbon Footprint”

Self-righteous lefties repeat this to sound important instead of simply saying “pollution.”


The belief that nobody should have more than anybody else, regardless of work ethic or skill sets.

“For the Children”

When you hear this term, hold on to your wallets — we all know what this means.

Any word proceeded by “Holiday”

Those are not Holiday presents in my Holiday stockings and under my Holiday tree, you moron.

“The 1 Percenters”

Those evil, capitalistic pigs who work 70+ hours per week to make more than the person using the term.


A sanctimonious Republican term meant to stir up low-information voters — who’s anti-family?

“Gun Nuts”

What angry liberals call Republicans who support the Second Amendment.


The adjective bestowed upon those who work hard to earn money, but refuse to give it to those who don’t.


When politicians say “We need to make an investment,” they really mean, “I want to spend YOUR money on MY agenda.”


An ignorant term used to describe any Democrat by emotionally unstable Republicans.


An accusation used by liberals when they’re losing a debate on any topic.

9 thoughts on “15 Things Politicians Must Stop Saying In 2014

  1. raghu198 says:

    If they stop these things how they will be known as politicians. By the way really good points. Hope every politicians should come across this post to learn these wonderful points.

  2. freedomfoa says:


    How are you? Hope you had a great Christmas. Would you mind if I posted the article to our site? freedomfightersofamerica.blogspot.com. You take care pretty lady.

    Thanks Lynn J. Cheramie III

  3. detached says:

    Guessing a good start would be creating a site that monitors the amount of times a politician uses these words over the course of the new year.

    Any takers? I’d love to see the results. 😉

  4. Sykes says:

    yes! These are spot on, but “Common Sense” should def be on the list.. “Common sense gun laws, “common sense immigration reform” NOTHING these idiots do makes any common sense!

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