Using Tax Dollars to Campaign

Obama has spent more on his reelection campaign than any candidate in history. His campaign throws down millions of dollars each day, bombarding swing states with television ads and grandiose campaign events. Obama for America has privately raised an astounding $700 million for the incumbent’s campaign, and I couldn’t care less how they spend that money. But did you know our tax dollars are also helping to fund his reelection endeavors?

In less than four years President Obama has held more campaign events than any other president did in their full term, and our tax dollars foot the bill for all of his expensive travel and accommodations. Air Force One ain’t cheap, people! His press secretary, Jay Carney, defends the president, saying these government-funded trips allow Obama to “get out into the country… and talk to folks about growing the economy, creating jobs.” Hmm… I guess he is only interested in talking to people in the swing states, which are where he has primarily been making stops. If his intent were to genuinely talk to the Americans that he represents, I would expect him to also make stops in large, non-battleground states like Texas and California.

Another bee in my bonnet is tax dollars going towards Obama’s campaign ads. Planned Parenthood, which gets most of its’ funding from taxpayer subsidies, has spent tons of money on Obama ads- they spent $3.2 million in just Ohio and Virginia alone. Now, I see no problem with political action committees supporting candidates with money raised from the private sector, but government-funded organizations need to stay out of political campaigns.

I am not an Obama supporter, so why should my tax dollars go towards his campaign efforts? House Speaker John Boehner (R- Ohio) said in a statement, “It’s time for the Obama campaign to pony up and reimburse taxpayers.”


13 thoughts on “Using Tax Dollars to Campaign

      1. Mary-Claire Pacopolis says:

        I can answer that, LibertarianChick. Liberals don’t think Obama can do anything wrong, as long as the government largess continues, and those that are more fotunate than themselves can get kicked in the shins with bad policy and higher taxes. THAT is how they defend it!

  1. Papa T. says:

    It made me CRAZY when I learned that Planned Parenthood was contributing to the Obama campaign. The amount they contributed to Obama is how much they should have deducted from their Federal funding. In fact, if they have so much disposable income, they should lose ALL Federal funding!

    1. I teach says:

      I really do have a problem with an organization, funded in a great part by tax dollars, paying to support a political candidate. I am not making social statement. It is my FISCAL opinion. It is the politician who can show support for an organization, not the other way around.

  2. Chuck D. says:

    I LOVE your points about Obama only “getting out and talking to the people” in the swing states. Really disgusting, Chicago-style politics at work!

    1. Steve-O says:

      It’s true, Chuck. Nothing this administration does surprises me any more. We have a well-groomed THUG in the White House.

  3. Mary-Claire Pacopolis says:

    Last night’s VP debate was a perfect example of how arrogant this administration can be. I’ve never seen a VP candidate discuss nuclear war while giggling uncontrollably. The arrogance on the left is just breathtaking! What makes you think Obama cares that you are offended by his crooked policies? You’re not his target demographic, because you work.

  4. I teach says:

    Can I ask, what does a ‘Libertarianchick” view as Romney’s strengths? What will be the best argument for him?

  5. eciralc42 says:

    Well, what do you say now? Like him or not he’s in MS Libertarianchick. They couldn’t stop the VOTES even after they tried. God bless America! I hope you don’t get a Sandy in your area where you live. You just may need FEMA! It is what is…We The People have spoken LOUD and CLEAR. 4 more years!

    1. Bob Lombardo says:

      Eciralc42, your comments show how government dependency has become the norm. Where in the Constitution does it say that the federal government is supposed to financially help victims of every tragedy? FEMA was set up years ago in case of nuclear war. Now it’s turned into a big pot of gold for every politician to take advantage of. Look at the Sandy Disaster relief package. Republicans are getting heat for voting against it. Yet it contains BILLIONS of dollars in PORK spending. Democrats attached all kinds of goodies to it, then dared Democrats to vote against it. DISGUSTING!

      1. eciralc42 says:

        Well Bob, I am sorry that you feel no pain for the Sandy victims. It was a natural disaster. We can disagree how our government should react to these natural disasters but I rather support our fellow citizens with FEMA. Democrats aren’t the only politicians that love PORK.

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